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Wet Room, Walk-In Bath Or Shower? Let Me Help You Decide

Accessible bathroom with walk in shower

Choosing a modern bathroom is a major undertaking. The most important thing is to consider your personal bathing requirements.

I enjoy establishing rapport and really listening to what people need. I recommend alternatives that might be useful to ensure that everybody is satisfied with the proposal. We are a compassionate group at AHM Installations, and we take pride in not being pushy.

Walk In Bath 1 Maidstone

One of the most popular changes is to replace a current bath with a low-level tub. It’s an easy, low-cost alternative that’s much safer for those with reduced mobility.

Our shower trays are nonslip and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We will add shower benches if you don’t want to stand the whole time, as well as grab rails to help you get in and out. I still recommend grab rails in areas where people are most likely to use them.

Wet rooms are potentially the best choice since there are no barriers to entry and exit. There is no shower tray or step; instead, there is slip-resistant flooring with a drain to drain the water. Wet rooms are ideal for people who use wheelchairs or have caregivers, and they look nice as well, but they are more costly than just changing the tub.

AHM wet room 2 Maidstone

We also have walk-in bathtubs. What can I say, some people really enjoy a good soak in the tub! They allow you to bathe without fear, and some walk-in baths now even have heated seats and whirlpool options!

It’s a lot to take in all at once. When I have an appointment, I recommend that the customer bring a family member or good friend with them so that we can go over everyone’s questions together and the customer can be reassured by someone they trust. That is something I will really suggest. We also have a set price, giving you peace of mind.

We use high-quality goods that are tailored to mobility demands that are not readily available off the shelf. Having said that, since we are a family-run business with smaller overheads, we are almost certainly less expensive than the major bathroom businesses.

We also give a price guarantee, so you know you’ll never overpay, and all of our fittings come with a 12-month warranty.

I truly enjoy what I do and consider myself fortunate to work at AHM. They have been very helpful to me during the pandemic by allowing me to function flexibly while our two children were homeschooled. I don’t want to miss out on family time; it’s really important to me.

We are still around to answer your questions. Please contact our family-owned and operated team at 0800 731 6495. AHM provides discounts to war veterans and others suffering from dementia.


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