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Bidet Toilets: Empowering Mobility With Dignity & Comfort

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For individuals with limited mobility, everyday tasks such as using the toilet can be a challenge. This can make a trip to the bathroom a worry and a chore. However, bidet toilets restore independence and dignity with the provision of user-friendly controls. This enables users to manage their hygiene independently and comfortably, reducing the need for assistance.

Improved Hygiene & Comfort

Bidets offer superior cleanliness and comfort compared to toilet paper. For individuals with mobility issues, maintaining hygiene can be difficult and it can increase the risk of infections. Bidets’ gentle water streams provide a higher level of cleanliness and relief, especially for those with medical conditions. They come with a variety of settings to clean the intimate areas with variable pressures.

Reduced Physical Strain

For those with reduced mobility, positioning themselves onto the toilet and rising can involve a lot of effort to remain stable. This is because traditional toilets are lower than bidet toilets. To eliminate much of this strain, bidets are manufactured in a variety of ‘comfort’ heights. These allow users to remain comfortable throughout the cleaning process, and as they rise from and lower to the seated position.

Eco-Friendly & Cost-Efficient

A cost-effective method of gaining all the benefits of a bidet toilet without having to replace the entire pan is to replace the seat with a bidet seat. The great thing about these is that you only need to replace the seat to gain all the functionality of a traditional bidet. These functions include adjustable spray options, heated seat options, an automatic flush, a self-cleaning nozzle and a deodorising filter, to name just a few.

Bidet Toilet Reversed

Bidets also reduce paper waste and environmental impact by reducing toilet paper usage. They can also save money on water bills, making bidets a cost-effective choice.

For Your Bidet Toilets, Choose AHM Installations

If you’ve been struggling to use your toilet, we can help. We offer free home surveys for accessible bathroom design, or we can supply and fit a bidet toilet to suit your needs and your budget. This is why our customers have rated us ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.


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