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What Toilets Are Available For People With Mobility Problems?

side view of a bidet toilet

It’s not always easy to nip to the loo when you have trouble moving around. Thankfully, there’s now a range of toileting products on the market that make this much easier. Not only can they make toileting a breeze, they can also leave you feeling cleaner than standard toilets. You may even find that your able-bodied visitors are envious of your high tech bathroom gadget!

Raised Toilets

The simplest way to adapt a toilet for those with mobility problems is to raise the seat a little. You can purchase raised seats that will elevate your positioning without having to change the whole toilet. Some of these are frames with a seat attached. These frames can be adjusted to change the width and height, so they can be used on almost any toilet. Others may consist only of the seat, which has less customisation options.

While these are very simple to use and easy to install, they aren’t particularly glamourous and won’t be able to fit on every style of toilet.

Automatic Bidet Toilets

A more luxurious solution that won’t affect the appearance of your bathroom is a bidet toilet. These are an excellent solution that even those without disabilities can appreciate. The seat is a little higher than standard toilets to make sitting on the toilet easier, much like with a raised seat adapter.

Bidet toilet spray function

The standout feature of these toilets is the bidet function. Bidets are sometimes thought of as being a bit out of fashion, as they fell out of favour when toilet paper was invented. However, they are making a bit of a comeback. Many people prefer using a bidet because it leaves them cleaner and is a more environmentally friendly option than toilet paper.

Modern bidet toilets come with a range of settings. This means you can change the wash cycle’s intensity and length to suit your needs. There are also wash settings that are specifically designed for feminine hygiene. You’ll also benefit from having warm water in the wash cycle and a quiet dryer to ensure you can dry off in a discreet manner.

Arm Supports

To ensure that you’re able to use the toilet with stability, you can choose a bidet toilet with integrated arm supports. These don’t have to look unsightly. Many of our toilet models come with attractive arm rests that will suit the interior of any bathroom.

Additional Features

There are a range of extra features that you can fit to a bidet toilet. You can fit night lights to help you access the toilet in the dark, soft-close seats and lids, self-cleaning nozzles and seat sensors. It’s even  possible to purchase seat-only options that have bidet features, so if changing your toilet isn’t an option you don’t have to miss out.

For Bidet Toilets, Choose AHM Installations

We are proud providers of a range of attractive, user-friendly bidet toilets. If you’d like to discuss the options that we have available, feel free to give us a call. We have an installation team that cover the UK with their high quality services, and fit mobility bathrooms with your needs in mind. At AHM, our goal is to ensure that everyone with limited mobility can use the bathroom safely. Get in touch to start your bathroom upgrade today.


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