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Case Study: Restoring Independence With A New Wet Room

Allen Family with Peter

At AHM, we take pride in our ability to create bespoke bathing solutions that cater to our customers’ unique needs. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with the Allen family in Kent, who needed to address a specific challenge. We crafted an accessible wet room with features specifically chosen to build confidence and safety when bathing.

The Challenge

Mr Allen, a vibrant 89-year-old, had recently become a wheelchair user. This meant he could no longer access the first-floor bathroom, and there were no suitable bathing facilities on the ground floor. This restriction meant Mr Allen was receiving ‘bed baths’, which was negatively affecting his well-being. He wanted the opportunity to shower in a bathroom which he could access and manoeuvre easily within. So, the Allen family approached us to find a suitable bathing solution.

Wet Room Design & Accessible Bathing Expertise

Peter, one of our home surveyors, met Mr & Mrs Allen and their daughter at home to discuss the specific needs of Mr. Allen and the available options. The goal was clear; to create a bathing space that would be both practical and easy to navigate for Mr Allen, to restore his quality of life. Peter suggested converting a dining room into a ground floor wet room, with features to optimise the space and to make bathing easier and safer.

Dining Room Before Installation-5
Before Mr. Allen's home transformation, the space was used as a dining room

Key Features Of Mr Allen’s Wet Room

The framework of the new wet room was designed with a pocket door, which slides into the adjacent wall. This means there is more space for Mr Allen to manoeuvre whilst using his wheelchair, and less obstacles to navigate.

The framework for the new wet room
A thermostatic shower was installed with dual water flow and temperature options. This can also be shut down immediately in an emergency, which is especially useful for someone who cannot easily move themselves. The half-height wet room screen with additional curtain provides Mr Allen with privacy when showering. The robust aluminium frame has profiled floor seals, ensuring water is contained within the showering area.

We installed grab bars within the showering area and around the wet room to ensure Mr Allen could always steady himself when he is in the wet room.

We installed a stylish bidet toilet, which provides additional comfort and functionality. It can be operated with a remote control for added ease and cleanliness. The functions enable users to:

The floor was installed with underfloor heating for added comfort and finished with slip-resistant safety flooring to reduce the risk of slips and falls. This is beneficial for Mr Allen, but also any carers who may assist with bathing.

For night-time toilet trips we installed a night light. This is a less bright light that switches on automatically when the bathroom is used during the hours of darkness.

Ben checking basin height with Mr Allen
AHM's expert installer Ben fitting the basin to suit Mr Allen's exact height

Peter created a 2D technical layout and a lifelike 3D image of the proposed design, so the family could visualise the result. They were all happy with the plans, and a few weeks later our expert installer Ben started work on the project. Mr Allen’s wet room took just over three weeks to complete.

2D Layout
AHM's 2D render plan for Mr Allen's bathroom
3D Render
The 3D render of the wet room

The Result  

The new wet room provides Mr Allen with a safe and comfortable bathing environment. He can now enjoy feeling the water wash over him again whilst gaining back his independence. The family were thrilled with the result and the positive impact it’s had on Mr Allen.

We were also delighted with the outcome. The Allen family were wonderful to work with, and we hope Mr Allen will enjoy using his new wet room for years to come.

Mr Allen's completed wet room
Mr Allen's completed wet room

Helping customers to bathe safely is why we get out of bed in the morning. We know that everyone has unique bathing needs and varying budgets, but we always strive to find the right solution for each customer.


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