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How Much Does An Accessible Bathroom Cost?​

White bathroom with walk-in shower

How Much Does An Accessible Bathroom Cost? The cost of an accessible bathroom can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the size and layout of the bathroom, the age of the property, the condition of the existing pipework and plumbing, the materials and fixtures used, and any additional features, such as grab […]

Mother-Of-One Chloe Becomes First Bathroom Fitter Apprentice

apprentice learning on the job

Mother-Of-One Chloe Becomes First Bathroom Fitter Apprentice With skilled tradespeople in short supply, more and more women are turning to the tools. Chloe Morris has joined AHM Installations as their first on-the-job apprentice bathroom fitter. “I was working in retail and I could see it was dying,” Chloe said. “I’ve always been hands on – […]

5 reasons to be cheerful this Winter

bathroom installation specialists

Winter might be challenging, but it is also a season to appreciate. 1. Winter is a lovely season. There are so many lovely things about Winter: frosty mornings, fresh air, shimmering cobwebs, lengthy shadows as the sun sets…Taking a walk and taking in your surroundings is a terrific way to keep your body and mind […]

How Are Mobility Bathrooms Different?

Walk in shower with seat and handrails, with raised toilet

Mobility bathrooms differ from standard bathrooms in many ways. Primarily, they are designed to aid the user as much as possible to use their bathroom as easy as possible. Typically designed and installed for the elderly or people with chronic mobility issues, these bathrooms can have many additional features included within the design. At AHM […]

Prepare Your Bathroom For After Your Hospital Stay

disabled bathroom experts

It’s nice to hear the words “you can go home” after a hospital stay. However, if your physical demands have altered, it’s critical that you can continue to live at home safely and comfortably. Before you return home, you may want to organise your equipment or make modifications. We’re used to building bathrooms for folks […]

How Do You Make a Bathroom Accessible?

Woman in walk in bath Maidstone

How Do You Make a Bathroom Accessible? If you are struggling from deteriorating mobility or are a wheelchair user then it might be time to consider converting your bathroom into an accessible bathroom. Our team of designers are experienced in creating bathrooms that support your needs perfectly, giving you more freedom to use your bathroom. […]

Thinking Of Installing An Accessible Bathroom?

Grey bathroom white sink

Thinking Of Installing An Accessible Bathroom? Choose AHM Installations And Take The Hassle Out Of Finding The Right Trades People When it comes to updating your bathroom, the style of the shower, basin, and tiles are all important considerations. AHM Installations, on the other hand, can handle any structural work that is required. You could, […]

What Is The Difference Between a Wet Room & a Shower Room?

walk in shower in disabled bathroom

What Is The Difference Between Wet Rooms & Shower Rooms? Both wet rooms & shower rooms are excellent solutions for people who have limited mobility. A wet room is completely open plan with waterproof walls and flooring, as well as a drain in the centre of the room that enables water to flow away seamlessly. […]

Bathrooms For Disabled People

Accessible white bathroom with toilet and handrails

Accessible Bathrooms For Disabled People Things to Think About Before Buying an Accessible Bathroom With so many choices for accessible bathrooms, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs, design, and budget. This helpful guide will explain some items to think about when purchasing an accessible bathroom. What Does It Mean […]

Bathrooms With Wet Rooms

Modern walk in shower with mosaic full height tiles

Bathrooms With Wet Rooms Wet rooms are a practical and stylish way to renovate your bathroom and help those with mobility issues get back their independence. The entire bathroom space becomes one flat level because there are no shower trays to step over. An excellent solution, enabling those who need it a way to enjoy […]

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