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Walk in shower with seat and handrails, with raised toilet

How Are Mobility Bathrooms Different?

Mobility bathrooms differ from standard bathrooms in many ways. Primarily, they are designed to aid the user as much as possible to use their bathroom as easy as possible. Typically designed and installed for the elderly or people with chronic mobility issues, these bathrooms can have many additional features included within the design.

At AHM we design and install a number of different mobility bathrooms and features. Including, walk-in baths, wet rooms, walk-in showers and smart toilets. These combined make up a high quality, top of the range mobility bathroom at an affordable price.

Walk-In Baths

Walk-in baths are an ideal way to be able to enjoy a nice soothing bath whilst not having to step into it. For people with mobility issues who may not be able to manage the step over the side, the high-quality side door allows you to get in and out of the bath easily without water leaking into the rest of your bathroom.

Along with slip-resistant surfaces to help you in and out of the bath, we also install safety seats and other features such as fast filling and remote emptying options.

Walk in bath with door

Walk-In Showers

Walk in shower with fold out seat Maidstone

Having a refreshing shower in the morning is one of the best and healthiest ways to start your day. Walk-In showers allow people with mobility issues to easily enjoy their shower again. With slip-resistant flooring and no tray to step over, these showers are ideal for people who struggle to raise their leg over a shower tray.

Our engineers can design these showers to be larger, this is so if you require assistance from a loved one or carer, there is plenty of room to easily maneuver around the room.

The walk-in showers we supply and install are equipped with thermostatic shower controls to easily adjust the temperature for your comfort as well as additional safety features such as a seat and safety rails.

Wet Rooms

A luxury and fully equipped bathroom designed specifically for people with mobility issues, wet rooms are both aesthetically pleasing and full to the brim with safety features. This can be anything from anti-slip flooring to safety grab bars wherever necessary.

The wet rooms we install are custom designed by our team of experts after a consultation with you. This is to ensure that the room is absolutely perfect for your needs and requirements. This doesn’t just mean at the time of the build however, these wet rooms are built to last long term & with the future in mind. Our designers understand that often with mobility issues, the situation can deteriorate over time which is why we build wet rooms that are easily customisable for future changes.

With the water easily draining to the centre of the room. We install the drainage systems so that the water drains quickly to avoid creating a hazard for the user.

AHM wet room waterproofing

How Do Mobility Bathrooms Differ From Normal Bathrooms?

A typical bathroom is designed to have the minimum in terms of safety features. This means that the toilet, bath/ shower and basin will all be designed and installed to an industry standard not inclusive of people with mobility issues. Our bathroom installations are specifically designed in conjunction with safety regulations to ensure the safety of the user.

We go above and beyond the regulations, ensuring your bathroom gives you the freedom you deserve.

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