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How Do You Make a Bathroom Accessible?

If you are struggling from deteriorating mobility or are a wheelchair user then it might be time to consider converting your bathroom into an accessible bathroom. Our team of designers are experienced in creating bathrooms that support your needs perfectly, giving you more freedom to use your bathroom.

We use a multitude of design techniques to ensure that you can enjoy your bathroom with ease. Some of the techniques we use are strictly structured to aid you moving around your bathroom, whereas our installers add facilities so that you can enjoy a nice bath or shower easily.

White and grey wet room with shower toilet shower curtains and sink

Structural Changes

Increasing Door Opening

If you use a wheelchair then it will be beneficial to expand the opening of the door. This will make it much easier for you to enter & exit your room.

The entrances must be at least 32” wide for a wheelchair user to travel throughout their house safely. It may be essential to construct a wheelchair-accessible door and enlarge a door frame in order to fulfil this requirement, increase mobility, and improve the quality of life for wheelchair users. We can help wheelchair users keep their independence by allowing them easy access to different rooms in their house without the need for assistance.

Adjusting The Height Of Sinks

Sink heights may need to be changed depending on your needs, particularly if you use a wheelchair. Ensure that sinks are accessible from a sitting position and that taps are simple to reach and use. Removing under-sink cabinets and replacing it with a pedestal sink will allow a person to get as near as feasible to the sink. A taller sink, on the other hand, may be the ideal solution if a person can walk but has difficulties bending.

Wet room with large tiles and handrails for shower

Adding Accessible Facilities

From walk-in baths & showers to smart toilets and even fully bespoke wet rooms, our team is able to install various different facilities to make using your bathroom much easier.

Walk-In Baths & Showers

A dip in a warm bath or an invigorating shower are some of the best ways to de-stress and have some time to yourself, whether you’re treating aches and pains or relaxing your body and mind.

With a variety of spa elements, bathing will seem like a pleasure, not a chore, for people with limited or decreased mobility.

For individuals with restricted mobility, our walk-in showers are ideal. We offer and install an outstanding choice of elegant showers that are tailored and suited to your needs and designed with mobility in mind. Allow us to assist you in rediscovering the pleasure of bathing.

Smart Toilets

A smart toilet gives you privacy, comfort, and assurance that your personal hygiene is being looked after.

We have a selection of technologically sophisticated smart bidet toilets that are ideal for individuals who are finding it more difficult to use a traditional toilet. You can actually ‘pop to the lavatory’ fast and effortlessly with a variety approved by Occupational Therapists and including features like adjustable spray arms and dryer settings. Toileting may now be a freeing and stress-free experience.

Modern walk in shower with mosaic full height tiles

Wet Room Installation

Turn your bathroom into a luxury refuge where you can relax and enjoy your regular bathing ritual. A wet room is a bathroom that is meant to be entirely step-free and obstruction-free, allowing you to comfortably and independently move around your bathroom.

We recognise that each client has unique needs. As a consequence, our wet rooms may be tailored to your specific requirements. We will spend time discussing your needs and will never instal anything that isn’t up to par.

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