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Case Study: Restoring Independence With A New Wet Room

Allen Family with Peter

At AHM, we take pride in our ability to create bespoke bathing solutions that cater to our customers’ unique needs. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with the Allen family in Kent, who needed to address a specific challenge. We crafted an accessible wet room with features specifically chosen to build confidence and safety […]

How Do People With Mobility Issues Shower?

elderly man having a shower

People with mobility issues can shower safely with the right adaptations. Some people will be able to manage independently, whereas others might need a little extra help. The bathroom can be a hazardous place. Therefore, we’re going to share a few different things you can do to help those with limited mobility shower with confidence. […]

A Guide To Designing Your Bathroom Around A Shower Toilet

bidet toilet next to a walk in shower

To save time, benefit the environment, and recover your freedom, consider using a shower toilet. If you’re thinking about adding this practical element to your bathroom, you may want to know what it is, the benefits, and how it could change the way your room is designed. In order to help clarify the situation and […]

How Long Does It Take To Install A Mobility Bathroom?

Large bathroom, Walk in shower, tiled

How Long Do Mobility Bathrooms Take To Install? We at ahm Installations understand the anxiety that comes with waiting for your new bathroom to be completed, especially if you only have one bathroom in your house. A bathroom constructed with your mobility in mind might considerably improve your quality of life at home. Bathing in […]

What Are the Benefits of a Walk-In Bath?

Grey and purple themed bathroom, with white sink

The Advantages To Having a Walk-In Bath Bathing can be challenging for those with limited mobility. What used to be a relaxing activity may suddenly become a source of worry. Ceramics have a slickness that makes them easy to slip on. The elevation of the bath can be difficult to step over while keeping your […]

The Advantages Of A Smart Toilet

close up of AHM toilet Maidstone

What Is A Smart Toilet And Should I Buy One? A “smart toilet” is a toilet that has been furnished with a variety of additional functions and pieces of technology that are intended to make the user’s life easier. Depending on the kind of smart toilet you have put in your house, these features vary […]

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