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The Advantages To Having a Walk-In Bath

Bathing can be challenging for those with limited mobility. What used to be a relaxing activity may suddenly become a source of worry. Ceramics have a slickness that makes them easy to slip on. The elevation of the bath can be difficult to step over while keeping your balance. The operational flexibility that is necessary to operate them can become challenging.

A walk-in bath addresses all of these issues and more:

Low-Level Entry Door

A walk-in bath is designed with the tub as close to the floor as possible. Depending on your setup, it may possibly be at ground level. This, along with a door built into the side of the bath, makes entering your bath as easy as taking a single step forward, which is all that is required.

Walk In Baths Have Anti-Slip Surfaces

A walk-in bath is intended to allow you to move freely. Its floor has been specially constructed to provide traction with your feet even when wet. Its anti-slip technology is built into the porcelain of the bath, preventing the chance of an anti-slip mat being removed from its surface.

We at ahm installs think that bathing should be a soothing experience. You may enter your bath without fear of slipping and injuring yourself with our anti-slip surface walk-in bathtubs.

Safe Seats

For the mobility handicapped, lying down in a bath may become challenging. A safe seat next to your walk-in bath keeps you from slipping or being stuck in a scenario where you are unable to get up.

Walk-In Baths Have A Fast-Fill Function

Needing minimal effort, the walk-in bath’s silent pump quickly fills your bath at the desired temperature. This cuts down on wait times and guarantees you’re never left out in the cold.

Remote-Empty Feature

Walk-in bathrooms have a remote ’empty’ option. With the press of a button, your bath will begin draining itself. This eliminates the inconvenience and potential health concerns of stooping down to unplug a bath. Make sure your bathing experience is risk-free.

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Ahm installations prioritises your safety when it comes to installing safe and affordable walk-in bathtubs. If you want a walk-in bath built professionally, on time, and at a fair price, contact us today! Our friendly staff will happily walk you through the first steps in finding a bath that works for you.

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